About the author...

Stormy Stouder has been called a force of nature by her friends. She lives and thrives outside the box, pursuing a plethora of wide-ranging projects. She firmly believes that, with faith in yourself and faith in God, there is nothing you cannot do.

Stormy, a Texas native and Texas Tech graduate, founded her company, StouderHouse, in 2012. The Stouders handcraft non-toxic, chemical-free products for personal and home use from recipes Stormy carefully developed over the years for her own family. Their broad line includes 28 natural soaps, mineral cosmetics, personal care products, cleaning products, and essential oils & blends.

A licensed teacher, Stormy chose to homeschool her four hyper-logical children who were generally disgusted by the frankly incorrect information available in a surprising number of children’s books. The continuous time spent with them from birth until they went away to college gave ample inspiration for a multitude of engaging, truth-teaching children’s books that she wrote or outlined over the years. She is currently illustrating the first set of three books, Buck’s Choice, Fort Boon, and Gage’s Balance, which are categorized as The Economics Series. Other series in the works are The Do-it-Yourself Series and The Animal Truths Series. These books, like God’s Plan Simplified, will be available on Amazon.